Over the course of thirty years, Hermann Samuel Reimarus () secretly drafted what would become the most thorough attack on revelation to date. REIMARUS, HERMANN SAMUEL (–), German theologian and philosopher. Son of a scholar, grandson of a clergyman, student and son-in-law of J. A. Whilst Hermann Samuel Reimarus has justly received a chapter in the history of biblical criticism, he has lacked a dedicated treatment of his.

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His followers, no doubt, broke with the Law later on. Still more remarkable is his eye for exegetical detail. In view of this fact, what is the evidential value of saamuel miracle, even if it could be held to be authentic? What added to the offence was that he saw the eschatology in a wrong perspective.

Reimarus, Hermann Samuel |

In addition to the seven fragments published by Lessing, a second portion of the work was issued in by C. Had there been an efficient police administration the disciples would not have been able to plan this fraud and organise their communistic fellowship.

By U lrich G roetsch. PP5, at Samjel Books2nd ed. To say that the fragment on “The Aims of Jesus and His Disciples” is a magnificent piece of work is barely to do it justice. The quest of the historical Jesus. It abounds in error as to matters of fact, contradicts human experience, reason and morals, and is one tissue of folly, deceit, enthusiasm, selfishness and crime.

He has an unfailing instinct for pregnant passages like Matt. Fabriciuswhose son-in-law he subsequently became. The daughter of Jairus was therefore raised from the dead several times; on one occasion Jesus allowed the devils whom He cast out of a single demoniac to enter into a herd of swine, on another occasion, those whom He cast out of two demoniacs; there were two cleansings of the Temple, and so forth.

He died in Indeed it would be truer to say that Reimarus hung a mill-stone about the neck of the rising rejmarus science of his time. In this it is inconsistent with the earliest traditions regarding the practice of baptism in the Christian community, for in the earliest times, as we learn from the Acts and from Paul, it was the custom to baptize, not in the name of the Trinity, but in the name of Jesus, the Messiah. To purchase short term access, hefmann sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.


His idea of revelation, and his conception of the Person of Jesus, were much deeper than those of sxmuel Fragmentist. Reimarus denied all miracles and mysteries except the creation itself. Miracles and mysteries are denied and natural religion is put forward as the absolute contradiction of revealed religion.

Reimarus felt that the absence in the preaching of Jesus of any definition of the principal term the Kingdom of Godin conjunction with the great and rapid success of His preaching constituted a problem, and he formulated the conception that Jesus was not a religious founder and teacher, but purely a preacher.

Pfleiderer felt Reimarus had no concept reeimarus an immanent reason Philosophy of Religion, Eng. Reimarus also considered Christianity to be a fabrication. In pursuing this task Groetsch draws Immediately after the death of Jesus, indeed, such an idea was far from their thoughts. Such is Reimarus’ reconstruction of the history.

The Quest of the Historical Jesus

Reimarus was educated by his father and by the scholar J. Reimarus’s public religious views belong to that stage characterized by the philosophical synthesis of Christian Wolff: The Gospel, therefore, meant nothing more or less to all who heard it than that, under the leadership of Jesus, the Kingdom of Messiah was about to be brought in. As Origen of yore with Celsus, so Semler takes Reimarus sentence by sentence, in such a way that if his work were lost it could be recovered from the refutation.

Reimarus was born in Hamburg, Germany, December 22, So they stole the body of Jesus and hid it, and proclaimed to all the world that He would soon return. The fact is there are some who are historians by the grace of God, who from their mother’s womb have an instinctive feeling for the real. According to Reimarus, the Old Testament says little of the worship of Godand that little is worthless, while its writers are unacquainted with the second fundamental truth of religion, the immortality of the soul see sheol.


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The fragments played a role in Strauss’s struggle to establish a mythical view of miracles. When the first systema, as Reimarus calls it, was annihilated by the death of Jesus, the disciples brought forward the second, and gathered followers who shared their expectation of a second coming of Jesus the Messiah.

Accordingly, the main problem of primitive dogmatics was the delay of the Parousia. This obstructive erudition is the special prerogative of theology, in which, even at the present day, a truly marvellous scholarship often serves only to blind the eyes to elementary truths, and to cause the artificial to be preferred to the natural.

Even when they had been sent out without wallet or money they had not lacked. The Passing of the Israelites through the Red Sea.

Hermann Samuel Reimarus – Oxford Reference

The women who are mentioned in Luke viii. He recognised that the introduction of the historical element would transform and deepen rationalism. For if they had given up anything on His account, it was only in order to receive it again an hundredfold when they should openly take their places in the eyes of all the world as the friends and ministers of the Messiah, as the rulers of the twelve tribes of Israel.

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