ICEreader is a robust HTML/XML Web renderer that enables Download a trial version of ICEbrowser at ICEbrowser can now render content embedded in HTML documents via the optional new ICEbrowser Windows Flash Pilot. ICEhttp can now support. ); html (or bMadFt).

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Frame rendering policy ICE Browser understands how to layout frames and proper history caching.

ICEbrowser Released

Rendering HTML documents in headless environments is now fully supported using the Swing toolkit mode. You never will be able to. The frames are rendered statically based on the information in the frame tags and the contents of each pane.

New reference source code for rapidly adding robust, feature-rich printing and searching capabilities to your application.

Contact us by email:. When a table is encountered, ICE Browser determines the minimum content width of each of the columns. We feel that we render tables in the best way possible, allowing the table author to specify their tables in their own way, but also allowing for the flexibility of configuration in the client applications reading such tables.

This provides adequate security for network loaded Applets when ICE Browser is running as a standalone browser or inside another application. This makes ICE Browser into a superior tool for.


To avoid confusion we now describe our policy on table rendering. You cannot move the sash between frames to change their size. ICE Browser is free for distribution with free applications. This release marks the eight anniversary of ICEbrowser’s introduction and underscores ICEsoft’s commitment to continual product enhancement through standards adoption and technology innovation.

It can also be easily extended so that it can function as a fully fledged WEB browser and be incorporated into existing applications as a “browser in a window”. Known Problems with Version 3. For details, see the Release Notes at http: ICEsoft continues to offer customers the most robust Web client infrastructure for the broadest range of enterprise deployments. Improved text search capabilities, including support for whole word searching and highlighting all matches in the document.

Click here to get or file reports on DataTechnology. Customers with current maintenance agreements may download the latest version by accessing the customer login at http: The ICEbrowser SDK is a versatile Java browser engine tool that can be completely customized and configured for deployment in custom and standalone applications.

If you have a “Bean aware” tool including BeanBox, you can just load the jar file in there directly and start using it.

The minimum content width is defined as the smallest width to accommodate the columns contents without the contents spilling into the adjacent column, be it an image, applet, or text element. ICEbrowser can now render Flash. Improvements available in version 3. Improved Security management for use within bean compliant applications. For columns where the width is not specified, the columns will be scaled to fill the visible area, but will never be smaller than the minimum content width.


Drag htjl text or anchor locations to drop targets, including other native applications.

ICEbrowser 6.0 Released

Other notable enhancements in the 6. Enhanced Printing, Page Setup, and Print Preview support, including complete support for selective printing of Frameset documents and printing selected content only.

Multithreaded for asynchronous loading and parsing of documents.

Improved content selection capabilities: ICE Browser can be incorporated into other JavaBean compliant applications, and can also import other JavaBeans in a transparent manner. ICEbrowser SDK enables developers to render secure and dynamic Web content, and to make business-critical Web applications accessible through a custom client.

If the table author has specified an absolute width and it is larger than the minimum content width, then this will be used to render the table. ICE Browser is free icwbrowser personal use.

Java does not currently support multiple levels of icebroaser management, so if you are using another embedded tool that has a security manager, you may encounter conflict.

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