ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option. “Topical cooling (icing) delays recovery.” -Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research/National Strength and. Gary Reinl, author of Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option, adamantly believes that ice’s pervasive use by athletes and injured people. Ice is a common treatment used by athletes, doctors, and parents for a variety of In Iced! The Illusionary Treatment Option, Gary introduces himself to the.

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Acute soft-tissue injury is a unique situation where our body vitally needs to undergo the inflammatory response. John Michael Bric March 26, For the record, I am not a physician. To purchase a copy of Trdatment To use the device, hook yourself up to the electrodes like a regular e-stim unit.

Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option: A Book Review | DrChrisBakerDC

Place the pads above and below the swollen or sore areas of the body, then turn up the intensity to as high as you can tolerate. In fact, Gary argues that if ice was a controlled substance like any pharmacologic drug on the market today, it would not be able to satisfy requirements for FDA approval.

Melting the Myth of Ice Therapy http: Movement and The Marc Pro Dr. Gary Reinl, author of Iced: Topical cooling icing delays recovery from eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage. In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track. A no-ice regimen might just get you back in action faster than you would have otherwise.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ashley Stewart August 6, It needs inflammation to initiate healing! The seemingly harmless act of icing has grown to become the most common injury response tool in the world, and, in the process, has done great harm to people everywhere.

Inflammation is your friend post-injury and needs to happen. I icedd felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again a illusiknary times during the book and would often read the same argument, or point, made in a different way later in the book. However, after reading his book, and doing a bit of my own research, I tend to agree with what Reinl treatmenr talking about. With the tissues of his arm rapidly decaying, the doctors thought to put the limb optlon ice to preserve it.


As I read the book I could really relate to what Reinl was stating and his arguments and points all make complete sense to me. The reason is basic; I am fighting 40 years of wide-spread misinformation and wanted to make sure my message was received and retained. The Illusionary Treatment Option is very detailed and informative, it is also a bit repetitive at times.

While Reinl spends most of the book telling us why icing is bad, he also gives us a detailed breakdown of which treatment options we should be using for specific injuries. If I was trying to get over a niggling injury leading into a big sporting event?

Ultimately, the time it takes for the fluid to clear if the gates are open and there is a backflow of fluid is increased obviously not good. The Illusionary Treatment Option Price: Cooling an acute muscle injury: However, he presents a very valid and th constructed argument about how society has got it wrong when it comes to icing.

Baseball Outside The Box

His foreword at the beginning of the book only makes it easier for us to have faith in what Reinl is writing about. Gary Reinl brings America in from the cold and tells the unexpectedly entertaining story of how the world’s cold-hearted love affair with ice began, why it is based on nothing more than the largest instance of “physiological hearsay” in human history, the folly of the ice gurus’ gospel, and how he helped usher in the end of the “ice age” in professional athletics.


Swelling and inflammation are not synonymous. The pain that was due to pressure on the nerves from the swelling should go away illuionary the fluid treatmfnt cleared.

The rolled ankle of a child playing soccer during recess, to the collegiate tennis player that strained her hamstring chasing down a drop shot, to the professional baseball pitcher that routinely deals with a sore shoulder after 7 intense innings pitched. Sometimes movement is painful, so only small, pain-free ranges of movements should be performed. Over time, a logical leap was made, where if you simply got injured, you were recommended to put ice on it.

John Michael Bric June 20, When I sprained my ankle, I iced it. Offers Alternative Treatment Options: Far from a dull physiological text, it reads like an epic journey about the biggest and most flagrant medical illusionaary of modern times. Endorsed By Kelly Starrett: There can be inflammation without healing but there cannot be healing without inflammation.

Gary believed that dropping a knowledge bomb on the world would help people make a more informed decision regarding ice application. No research, no peer-review. The answer has been accepted by athletes, non-athletes, and medical professionals everywhere.

You fortunately cannot stop this process. Synergen3 Dietary Supplement This week we take a moment to review a new supplement to hit the functional fitness market — Synergen3: Ashley Stewart Thd 3, In CrossFit, Kelly Starrett is one of them. The former is necessary and vital for healing and latter is a deleterious effect of an injury.

Does cryotherapy improve outcome for acute soft tissue injury? Throughout the book Reinl uses grocery shopping to compare inflammation and swelling, and likens a toothpaste tube to fluid dynamics.