En tercer lugar, el informe solicita la ayuda humanitaria de medicamentos e insumos AN aprobó informe de la OMS para atender crisis nacional de salud . Madre de Lorent Saleh: Me tienen que matar para callarme. View the profiles of professionals named Lorent on LinkedIn. de Trade Marketing en una empresa de Publicidad, preparación de informes, reclutamiento. Los concejales presentes se comprometieron a elevar un informe al .. http:// andre .

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Saleh said that he did not know he loorent being released until the last minute. Spain released a statement following Saleh’s arrival saying that diplomat Juan Pablo de Laiglesia had travelled with Lroent. Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding highlights.

Upon arriving at Madrid’s airport Saturday, Saleh told the media and a small group of exuberant Venezuelan opposition supporters that “the fight goes on”. How the US trade war might impact your beer. But his supporters and family say he was tortured to death and then thrown out.

Key moments from North and South Korea summit. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. See a satellite net collect space junk.

See this life-size Bugatti made of Legos. A government truth commission said Saleh was at risk of causing harm to himself after being evaluated for suicidal tendencies while imprisoned. World’s largest offshore wind farm opens. Lorent Saleh, 30, was immediately escorted to the airport on Friday and put on a flight to Madrid with Spanish government officials.


AN aprobó informe de la OMS para atender crisis nacional de salud

His extradition was widely condemned by human rights groups, who argued he could never get a fair trial in Venezuela and would be subjected to harsh conditions of lorwnt. Latin America Venezuela Spain. Who are the Nobel Peace Prize winners? Saleh thanked Spain for its role in his release and said that he hoped to see his mother soon. Are flying taxis about to become a reality? Sign up for our Newsletter. Videos You Should Watch 22 Videos.

I thought he’d be turned over here, but what’s important is that he’s free,” a weeping Yamile Saleh infirme journalists outside the jail. Australia strawberry needle scare. Lroent authorities have freed a prominent opposition activist jailed for four years just days after an anti-government politician died in state custody. New Zealand PM back from maternity leave.

Several foreign governments and the United Nations have called for an independent investigation to determine whether foul play was involved.

News of Saleh’s release on Saturday also came as a shock ibforme his supporters, and even his mother, who rushed to a Caracas jail expecting to receive her son only to learn he had been sent to Europe. School pregnancy tests are mandatory here. The statement said Spain lodent Saleh’s release “the correct decision by the Venezuelan government to move in the correct direction of helping generate a climate of trust”.


Authorities say the year-old committed suicide by jumping out of a 10th-floor window of the state intelligence service headquarters. Pau Mosquera nos trae el imforme desde Madrid. Former student leader Lorent Saleh put on flight to Madrid days after anti-government politician died in state custody.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Inside a mud-swamped Indonesian town. His release came just days after Fernando Alban, a Caracas city council member accused of taking part in a failed drone attack on President Nicolas Maduro, died in pretrial detention, an incident that sparked international outrage.

Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Freed Venezuelan activist Lorent Saleh arrives in Spain Former student leader Lorent Saleh put on flight to Madrid days after anti-government politician died in state custody.

Giant hands cradle new bridge in Vietnam.

Sino-Japanese War shipwreck discovered. It said he should be released as part of efforts to ease political tensions in the South American nation. How roasted almonds become marzipan.

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Stunning ‘message of hope’ for refugees. Tokyo’s new Toyosu fish market opens for business. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo accused of rape.