Juego de cartas UNO es el juego de cartas más vendido en el mundo. Nueva es ahora el juego Skip-Bo de Mattel como una versión de juego de mesa.

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Basically, you have to yank it open each and every time, so do take care not to break anything! What the new version has going for it though, is that its launching mechanism seems to be more powerful than the older version, besides being smaller and sleeker.

Choose a Dealer using any method you desire normally conducted by everyone picking a card and the Dealer is the one with the highest card number. The first player has to match a card in the Discard pile, either by color or number or symbol Action card.

Uno Attack Rules

The shooter has a launch button, and when pressed, cards can be shot out. Uno Attack Rules About: If there is no matching card to play, the player needs to hit the Launcher button. An alternative way to win the game as suggested by Mattel is to keep a running tally of the points each player is left with at the end of each round. It also plays a sound every time its launch button is pressed.


Please read on below to find out!

The shooter device itself has been updated by Mattel to a sleeker version and the number of cards and their types has been amended. Each set consists of cards and a battery powered shooter or launcher. Bottom Row, left to right Reverse, Wild, Skip.

Gameplay is similar for both old and ihstrucciones versions, notwithstanding the different Action cards in both. When someone reaches points or whichever figure that is mutually agreed uponthe person with the least points is declared the winner instead. Differences between the new launcher and the old launcher. Uno Attack is a popular adaption of the original Uno game that involves an electronic card shooter. Febuary Review Recaps: Other Mattel Card Games.

The cover is closed, and the sole card is placed in the prepared space on the cover top as the Discard pile. Once you discard all your cards before anyone else, you win the round.

The new shooter also tends to spit out more cards than the old version, thus prolonging the game, according to some people. The scoring is as follows:. Rules in the case of two players.

Juego de cartas UNO, instrucciones, reglas, variantes y juegos relacionados

If cards shoot out, that player must collect all the cards and add them instruccionez their hand even for cards stuck halfway in the Launcher. Gameplay for Uno Attack: Action Cards in Uno Attack: The list below pertains to the unique action cards found in the older version:.


Trains, Ghost Stories, Telestrations.

Board Game News Review Recaps: In the case of just two players, Uno Attack is played with a slight change of rules:. The remaining cards are placed inside the Launcher, and one card is taken out Discard pile.

Uno Attack Rules | Uno Rules

The older version of Uno Attack is known for having a high number of Action cards eight to be precisewhile the newer version has done away with all of them, leaving only the Wild Attack-Attack card. Its cover is also harder to open mattl the old one. The Dealer shuffles the cards and deals out 7 cards to every player.

The new version though, does not have any shelf or space for that purpose. If nothing happens, that player is safe, and play moves on to the next player in turn. January Review Recaps: