Hi, I have a troubles with intraweb since version I display have some IWImage in a web form and I load the pictures .GIF) from files with. After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results. The demo source can be downloaded by downloading IntraWeb or later at. Can someone explain what StyleRenderOptions->Use Display does? . eb articles. 0 followers.

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Legend Helpful Answer 5 pts Correct Answer 10 pts. Delphi will then create an IntraWeb Page Form as shown here: Best Regards Francisco Alvarado.

Developer Tools

Using the combo boxes allows the user to use the Tab key to move through the form. You are just swallowing all exceptions, so it is impossible to know how and why it fails. It looks like this: I was wondering if a component exists to handle options exactly like the grid component you see when you open “Projects Options” displaj Delphi Use of IntraWeb Page Mode.

Mikhael Cohen Mikhael Cohen wrote: Just because my customer provide to me the picture on GIF format.


See if that works. After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the intdaweb. Therefore cannot set the detection option. Now it will display the result screen: Mandeep Dilip Vidhate Email: Not a single failure. That way I can display the displag information in several places. Set PostToSelf to true. Email Required, but never shown. When i use th After 1 min of idle time after I push button in my browser I should get a Timeout.

But did you notice something? Could you please tell me a solution!

Embarcadero Discussion Forums: IWImage Display picture problem

Legend Helpful Answer 5 pts Correct Answer 10 pts. Response, [] ; end ; end ; Now we could spend a lot of time explaining the above code. Application mode is developed just like a normal Delphi application with form. In theory, that should force it to redraw. Finally we give WebSnap instructions to render a different page module to display the results.

Dec 26, 9: After serveral votes it might look something like this: I’m glad to hear that it got solved!

Please visit our new home community. It demonstrates the following: Then, using your original EXE I suggest you to remove the content handler and let all the exceptions propagate to the client as they should.

  DAHLE 40104 PDF

We need to isolate the issue. Options There are currently too many topics in this group that display first. Dec 24, 5: I’ll keep imtraweb and thank you for your help!

Have you the same problem with both original EXE? The dialog is wrongly or only partially displayed and I cant access the grid sizing controls. Options not displayed Name: I tested your application and didn’t find any issues so far. The two questions are:. How do I cod NET version of creating Web Application and more.

If the TIWText component is not made visible, not messages are displayed and all is well. All the work has to be done in the memory without b This works if I access the same with IE.

Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Intraweb – IWCalendar and refreshing

Application mode is for creating web applications. The two questions are: Intrawdb looking for dev. I’m doing this buy using: Please visit our new home community. Best regards, Vitaliy Fursov Canada.

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