Recommendation ITU-T K specifies resistibility requirements and test procedures for telecommunication equipment that is installed in or on a customer’s. Recommendation ITU-T K specifies resistibility requirements and test The approval of ITU-T Recommendations is covered by the procedure laid down in. ITU-T Recommendation K was revised by ITU-T Study Group 5 () The approval of ITU-T Recommendations is covered by the.

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Not only single tests, either user defined or based on standards, can be performed, iitu-t single Test routines can be linked together to form a complete test sequence. The more complex a DUT is the higher is the demand for monitoring during the test and control the test based on the feedback received. Test parameter settings and detailed test data e.

Electromagnetic field compliance assessments for 5G wireless networks. Entire test installations can be integrated in one single test sequence. Using respective mask files the test report can be arranged and printed out to comply with company specific requirements.

A test can be stopped at the point any malfunction occurs. Analysis of electromagnetic compatibility aspects and definition of requirements for 5G mobile systems. Or if less severe iec. The sources for overvoltages in internal lines are mainly inductive coupling caused by lightning currents being conducted in nearby lightning strokes or lightning currents being conducted in nearby conductors.


Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in customer premises to overvoltages and overcurrents.

Standard Test Routines are started by a few key strokes only with all parameter settings already pre-programmed. Graphics of the test pulses accomplish the parameter settings. Radiofrequency electromagnetic field RF-EMF exposure levels from mobile and portable devices during different conditions of use.

In this mode all parameters are open to be changed. Resistibility analysis of 5G systems. Recorded fail events are stated along with the comments entered by the operator.

ITU-T Recommendations

Complete Reporting according to International Standards Requirements. No matter if you want to verify the test pulse before conducting a test or to monitor the DUTs behaviour during test iec.

An exhaustive standards library includes international basic and generic standards, product family standards and product standards from various application areas.

User Defined Test routines based on standard test routines can be created in the Special Mode from each standard pulse window. Standard updates New standards implemented in the 8.

Minimum operator effort for maximum test results, easy and fast, reliable and reproducible. Editions Related supplement s Implementer’s guide s Ed. Contact Recommend page Sitemap Imprint Privacy.

A summary of test results is given. This functionality allows fully automated test runs combining different test requirements.

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Patent statement s Development history [ 11 related work items in progress ]. Committed to connecting the world. Editions Related supplement s Implementer’s guide s.


Controller for External Measuring Equipment. The test data file can be automatically converted into Rich-Text-Format and post-processed with any software tool recognising rtf-format e.

Study Groups tree view. Major changes compared with the version of this Recommendation include: Program entire Test Sequences using the iec. In the Standard Pulse window you can tiu-t the required test level as requested for the test.

By continuing to use the site you agree to our privacy and cookie policy. User O21 Test routines are easily created and saved to the test files library. Product selector Product news Data sheets Software autowave. The current version iec. All relevant parameters are automatically set accordingly. Interested in an update of your current version?

ITU-T Recommendation database

Overvoltages or overcurrents covered by this Recommendation include surges due to lightning on or near the line plant, short-term induction from adjacent a. Select Language english german french japanese polish russian chinese.

Feedback Contact Us Accessibility. New standards implemented in the 8.