Vintage JBL K 8 OHM 18″ Bass Speaker Made in the USAGood Condition Minor scratches,scuffs and wearFully tested by our technician works and sounds . I think the K would sound fine in both applications, but I suspect the I switched to the JBL: which is also good, but not the same. I’m actually a guitar player, but I have in my possession an 18″ JBL bass speaker from the mid-seventies (I believe), model K It’s in good.

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Results 1 to 4 of 4. I have a 8.

I want to use it for helping the lowest octave in an electric bass rig that already uses a pair of Ks all running in full rangeand sometimes as a sub woofer in a small PA system.

I need advice as to which 18″ driver I should use.


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I think the K would sound fine in both applications, but I suspect the would put out more deep low end. Would the be able to handle the transiants of an electric bass low end? Which would work better in my ported 8.

I would attempt to tune the enclosure to optimize which ever driver I select. Last edited by Tom Loizeaux; at I can’t help specifically, but here’s an interesting thread which dove o151 the E- and K-series, although not extensively into the K Here’s a Link to the. The K or E has a really nice sound to it.

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It will give you a brighter sounding bassline. In comparison I think you might find the a bit muddy sounding.

My choice would be the K for its definition and transient response. BTW, we used to use the E,s as subwoofers in my place years ago, and they sounded amazing.

Is this speaker any good? 18″ JBL K151

Very quick and punchy. The sound was centered on the strike of the drum.


I switched to the JBL: I played with the in here and it has more deep low end, but not enough punch! If your playing electric bass this is important as bass guitars go well up into the midrange. Last edited by scott fitlin; at Tom You sorta have two opposing needs. The in an 8. The K is an awesome bass guitar driver with great transients and much better response above Hz than the Either 18 will work but if your main use was for bass guitar I would choose the K All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.

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