What is psychological egoism, and how does it differ from ethical egoism? What do you think is the best argument in favor of the theory? Do you think the theory. Psychological Egoism is the thesis that we always act from selfish motives. It holds that all don’t you see?” Taken from Feinberg, ‘Psychological Egoism’. Moral Motivation and Human Nature. Psychological Egoism*. JOEL FEINBERG. A. THE THEORY. 1. “PSYCHOLOGICAL EGOISM” is the name given to a theory.

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Joel Feinberg

Feinberg’s most important contribution to legal philosophy is his four-volume book, The Moral Limits of the Criminal Lawa work that is frequently characterized as “magisterial. Alexander Moseley – – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Glasgow – – Ethics 88 4: His major four-volume work, The Moral Limits of the Criminal Lawwas published between and Desiring happiness per se would make no sense if this is what is meant by it. Sorry, if you mean that it’s hard to follow my arguments.

Steinblog: Joel Feinberg: Psychological Egoism

Reason and Argument Chapter 2. So our motivation cannot be simply driven by pleasure alone.


Law Political philosophy more We all occasionally sacrifice our own interests to those of others, if only to be polite, in many cases. Can you help me clarify? More precisely, it raises the question “whether there are any human experiences that are harmless in themselves yet so unpleasant that we can rightly demand legal protection from them even at the cost of other persons’ liberties.

The only way to achieve the desire is to no longer desire it. One cannot truly psycholoyical a friendship if the end goal of engaging in the friendship is the joys of the friendship. We psycholofical often sacrifice our own interests out of spite.

Psychological Egoism By Joel Feinberg

Analytical jurisprudence Deontological ethics Interpretivism Legalism Legal moralism Legal positivism Legal realism Libertarian theories of law Natural law Paternalism Utilitarianism Virtue jurisprudence. This is supposed to be a psychological fact of human motivations. Blackwell Publishers,p. A long citation here characterizes such a life: Critique of Psychological Egoism: Well, this is rather puzzling.

Feinberg observes that such arguments geoism psychological egoism are rarely mounted on the basis of empirical proof when, being psychological, they very well ought to. Mark Mercer – – Erkenntnis 55 2: In The Moral Limits of the Criminal LawFeinberg seeks to develop and defend a broadly Millian view of the limits of state power over the individual.

Psychological Egoism and Its Critics. He uses William James ‘s analogy to illustrate this fallacy: Broad – – Hibbert Journal That means all actions are selfish.


Something besides happiness must be the means to that end. March 19, at Constructs such as ibid. Once she is no longer playing to win, she relaxes and thus wins. Feinberg held many major fellowships during his career and lectured by invitation at universities around the world.

Review The Path Principle: Namely, nothing follows from a tautology. When we find people that really obey the law and general moral principles to avoid punishment, or only do the right thing for some reward, we regard them as having missed the psycjological.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Egoists might allow that pleasure or happiness [for oneself] may well not be the only motivating factors.

The only thing we ever act out of is pleasure, once we get down to feinbefg most basic reasons for action, so since we always act only for our own pleasure, all of our actions are selfish. So far as he can tell, there are four primary arguments for it:.

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