Title, Zdravlje, bioenergija, joga. Authors, Drago Plečko, Ana Babić. Illustrated by, Renata Svetić. Edition, 2. Publisher, [samozal.] A. Babić, Length, Mislili ste da je joga samo za mršave: ona ima kilograma i ruši taj mit Ona je dokaz kako joga nije samo za vitke i prelijepe žene koje sliče modelima s naslovnica, već je za . Što nam noćne more otkrivaju o zdravlju?. Joga u svakodnevnom životu na Sustipanu – Zdravlje je moj đir. Public. · Hosted by Joga u svakodnevnom životu Split. Interested.

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Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn mynameisjessamyn Lip 11, u 2: Literally the only way I can ever practice this pose is if I allow my soul to be vulnerable to the universe. It’s like alixolson says- “Armpit hair is simply mammally factual. Also, everyone has had so much to say about my armpit hair recently.

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn mynameisjessamyn Ruj 22, u 6: I literally never notice it and I’m so glad that y’all do. It’s going down at 10am EST- Follow glamourmag on snap same name to catch all the action!


Simpozij o Yogi – “Yoga i Zdravlje”

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn mynameisjessamyn Lip 14, u 6: Also, never have I ever appreciated and loved my belly the way I do in this moment. Check me out over there tomorrow from 10ampm EST- their snap is popsugar!

joya The world is yours. There are no words to express what it means to have y’all share your love with me. ALSO, for those who asked what my tats say: And, as always, you can find my snap antics at mynameisjessamy! Please look in a mirror and say “I love you. It is so much easier to tell others “I love you” or “You’re beautiful.

Pretila sam i je Please say it to yourself. Frequently, when I’m at home, I will cut myself off from social media entirely because I can feel it sapping out my energy.

As much as Dzravlje love it, all of this stuff can make me feel like Narcissus looking into that damn pool of water and I have to train myself to look away as often as I can.

Asane – Wikipedia

jofa I may seem gregarious but the extroverted introvert struggle is real. I talk about defying yoga stereotypes in a new video for glamourmag. It’s overwhelming at times, especially since I’m such an introvert.


Bathing suit by additionelle Photo by zoelitaker. To watch the full thing, check out Glamour. Butttt Instagram doesn’t give a single solitary fuck about my introspective headstand video and i can’t post it for some reason.

Joga – Wikipedia

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn mynameisjessamyn Svi 5, u 6: I’m covering for babygirl Jessica Cuttance at durhamyoga this week, y’all- I’m teaching the noon flow on Thursday, see y’all there! Y’all, since returning home to North Carolina most recently, I have been trying to lay as low as humanly possible.

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn mynameisjessamyn Kol 9, u 7: Vijesti Nautika Ribolov Galerija. Boom- yoga in action. At this point, I don’t want to do anything but spend time with my family, friends, cat, dog, zdravljee yoga mat.