Registered User. Age: 25; Posts: 2,; Rep Power: DontNegImPreggo is just really nice. (+). JTF2 Fitness Standards, What do you. So much secrecy behind the jtf2. Was it actual members that shows up? I’m asking since I believe it to be illegal to disclose their identity. DND JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting. CANFORGEN / 14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2) Selection for Special Operations.

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A review of career and personal profiles, and a personal interview, is conducted by JTF 2. Of course to run that hard I ruined both my achillies and I only got to 50 pushups once and 5 pullups once If you want max score, here’s what you have to get on the pre-selection fitness test: Or recruit “Im gonna be jtf2 I’m the best” drops out half way utf2 basic cause of some bs reason that ‘ain’t my fault’.

A larger HQ element; Operations squadron; Multiple sabre squadrons with multiple troops ; Combat support squadron; Combat jgf2 support squadron; and A training squadron.

Any CF member can apply to go for selection – clerks, cooks, pilots, anyone. Members receive skills training in JTF 2 which will includes high speed tactical operation of a variety of vehicles and watercraft plus extensive training with crew served and personal weapons. I don’t know about the runs either, but so far in terms of strength the only thing holding me back is the bench press.

Guess my score is bare minimum now lol. It’s not something you can just head to the workou and throw down without the proper training.


JTF2’s physical fitness evaluation. Do you have what it takes? : canada

Therefore, the physical demands placed on candidates during the selection process reflect the actual job and training demands, and permits candidates performances to be observed itf2 controlled conditions and environments. None of us were running the distance in less than 10 minutes. Talk about your easy cleanup, this is a cakewalk compared to the usual Friday! Jrf2 physical fitness evaluation. Makes me proud to know that such amazing people are serving our country.

Category B Specialists are screened and selected as per Category C personnel.

Nous parlons fran├žais ici aussi!

I don’t see 0 in the pull-ups column. After that I’m pretty tired, though. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Hell the bare minimum for Assaulter category requires a jgf2 To be clear, I said nothing. These duties are performed while wearing heavy rucksack and body armour.

JTF 2 training seeks to attract determined, highly-motivated, intelligent, reliable and physically fit individuals to serve with the Canadian Joint Workoutt Force Two.

JTF workot Selection Workoug. So training yourself to get to score in the the low teens in this part isn’t terribly difficult.

By TatItUp in forum Misc. Also I have a vertical leap that is higher then their highest standard I could probably score around 0ish.

I honestly don’t know if it was actual members or the physical trainers who are civilian staff. The CAF does not accept direct entry applicants, i. But keep in mind that these are just a base to build off of. You do have to be above average with your fitness but you don’t need to be an athlete to pass it.


If you’re lbs then a lb bench press is advanced, as opposed to lower bodyweights where it’d be exceptional and definitely out of reach for most people. Said all kinds of super fit, checked out guys dropped in the first hours. Only after that so you get the training like”shooting people”. Though if you just barely pass they’d likely put that into consideration when they’re deciding who to hire. What do you think? We decided on this description politely. The Canadian Joint Task Force Two training pipeline is open to all male and female officers and enlisted personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces, subject to certain criteria.

Unless it get really bloody. Assuming operators need to be in top tier shape and can operate in any physical condition is only fair. Minimum of Level 9 non-stop: Buddy up top was talking about 65 lbs. Not everyone is a door kicker. I’d have to check but m swim is in there. I want tough intelligent self motivated thinkers, who can kill with out hesitation “. Of the few that finish, fewer get picked up.

Once you get past the checkpoint its about how bad you want it. I’m above it, u mad? Seriously, take any skinny but athletic enough kid and he can do situps to his heart’s content.

You will swallow water and nearly drown a few times. But she also ran cross country as a past time