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Repeat the process for the other blade. Do not hurry your ivork. The letters should be made to extend fully up to the top, and down to the bottom, guide lines.

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The line joining the points P and D will be perpendicular to A B. The way the sectional view should have been section-lined to correspond to the front view shown at [p is given in Fig. The setscrews A, A are released, and the large screws B and B’ are screwed bae or down, according as the shaft is to be raised or lowered, the spherical bearing allow- ing of adjustment at every point.

In mechanical drawing, all headings, explanatory matter, and dimensions should be neatly printed on the drawing. A comparison between the two systems will disclose a great similarity in the detail formation of the letters.

From the points of intersection draw straight lines to 700219 and Z, in order to obtain the boJ: When he looks at the other view, it is to find the depth of the holes and the height of the bosses.

Care should be taken that the straight downward strokes are made parallel to the slanting guide lines. Grooves are cut through half the thickness of the board over the entire back side.


On all drawings made sbe the shop or on which dimensions are given or required, the scale should invariably be specified.

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It will be an additional help if the abr ex is also drawn as a guide for the middle portion of kbba s; but care should be taken not to have it slant more than shown in the copy. This is cored out to admit the screw and the nut. When using the protractor, it must be placed so that the line OB, Fig. It should be divided into six equal parts or divisions, as the previous ones.

Try to space the letters evenly. It would be impos- sible to take a section of the nut in the manner shown.

Further explanations in regard to these lines will be given when the necessity for using them arises. In the machine shop this helix would be cut by gearing the lathe to cut a thread of 4 to the inch and using a flat side tool set with its cutting edge at right angles to the center line of the sleeve. The loops of the.?

Volants, moyeux pour volants

When the screw thread is hidden by part of the object and it is deemed necessary to show it in dotted lines, it is usually drawn in one of the four ways 70291 in Fig. Grind it to a sharp edge like a knife blade, and round the corners very slightly, as shown in the figure.

Draw a cylinder 1. Thus, referring to the front view of Fig. When lettering, a Gillott’s No. By referring to Fig. The height of the nut equals the diameter of the bolt or screw on which the thread is cut. Dip the quill into the ink and then pass the end of it between the blades of the drawing pen.


With C and D as centers, and the same radius, describe arcs cutting the semicircle in Ane and K. When an object has a relatively large number of similar component parts, they are rarely all shown on a work- ing ahe.

For notice of copyright, see pag’e L5: In order to show clearly the different views, and to guard against one view being mistaken for another, they are always arranged on the drawing in a certain fixed and invari- able manner. For the sake of convenience, a bottom view is given, instead of a top view, as usual. Sometimes even this is not age, but a note is placed on the drawing calling attention to the fact that some certain part of the object is to be repeated.

The dotted ellipse in B is the projection of the rib shown at L in Fig.


Since these letters are composed of straight lines, they can be made with the T square and triangle. The most commonly used abbreviations are D. It will be found to be a great help if the line be first sketched in freehand, in pencil. It is very seldom that center lines appear on drawings unless they are the center lines qbe cylindrical surfaces.