The KODAK Intraoral X-ray system is equipped with a thermal safety system that prevents the generator from overheating in case of intensive use. Product, Model Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System, Catalog Numbers , , , XR — Carestream Health, Inc. Made in France Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System Performance. Operational ease. Safety. The Kodak intraoral x-ray system is designed for performance and safety.

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And with multiple installation configurations available, you can easily adapt the unit to match the needs of your practice.

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Hi, KV error on a means either a power board itraoral or a tubehead failure which is the most frequent problem. Please, I need the service manual.

Excuse me here is Amir Tabatabaei again.

Kodak Kv/error – Service Technicians Forum

Heating the assembly with hair dryer helps sometimes. Hello, You will receive a link from Hightail to see my K files, Regards. I drill a 1 mm hole near anode’s contact in the plastic shell of the tube to be sure that all air x-rya are eliminated. The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Kodak.

KODAK intraoral X-ray system is unveiled :Dental Tribune USA

Please Mr Faustino can you send me the service manual intraral im interessed to inyour spare parts can you mail me suissedental gmail. Could you please inform me what I need to do? Air is a reason of fail in repair. KODAK Dental Imaging and Practice Management Systems help dental professionals streamline workflow and enhance patient care by enabling them to capture, share, and use images and information easily and effectively.


Hi, In case you opened the tubehead to change the ceramic resistance that burned due to high voltage spark, the rectifier diodes or capacitors for the multiplier might also be damaged. Timer Emitted dose display User Menu – settings customization Technical Menus — Interface with firmware — 2 counters for exposures — Up to 59 management error codes — Calibrated generator parameters Kodak Intraoral X-ray System — New timer.

Sign In or Register. With the new system timer, dental professionals can quickly and easily select the most appropriate exposure settings based on the teeth to be examined, the patient size and receptor used. Auth with social network: May 11, Business The best solution for IPR just got better As a part of its mission to always provide dentists with only the best solutions for improved patient care, ContacEZ continues to refine, improve and expand its product lines to make them safer and more effective than effort.

There are two grooves on the plastic cup that ssystem match those in intraorao bottom of the housing. Just check if it’s ok 13 Kohm and MOhn and solder unplagged wire to it.


KODAK 2200 Intraoral X-Ray System

The latest KODAK intraoral dental X-ray system is designed to deliver new ease of use and dose management capabilities. I forgott to send you my email: I thinks it will fit under the tube board but not sure the effectiveness of it. The ceramic resistor is under the tube board. Hello My Kodak is always giving the message of Inrtaoral error. Would be thankful if intraoal could send me the tech manual as well.

Pereira We have Kodak in our Dental Surgery. Afora is the first company to join the newly launched quip Labs, a venture studio created to foster innovation and development for emerging oral health products, platforms and services. Multiple configurations to fit any practice Compatible with both film and digital imaging applications, the Kodak system works the way you do.

Using PEEK frameworks for full arch implant supported prosthetics. Then insert the assembly gently inside the metal housing, taking care with the position.