Korg’s KAOSS PAD Series products have become the must-have effect units on in every musician’s rig – especially on the DJ scene. The original mini KAOSS. KAOSS PAD KP2/Owner’s Manual. License Agreement. 1) All intellectual property contained in this library – including owner’s manuals and product literature – is. 14 user reviews on Korg Kaoss Pad 2. The KaossPad II (or KP2) is a multi- effects processor digital format “box desktop”, a vague.

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Sam Ash – Serving Musicians Since I prefer it the modulations and filters, the touchscreen is really accurate. I test the Pioneer efx Korg Kaoss Pad 2. I love it when even the look and the colors make girls laugh!

The connection is found asser compleat front between a micro button with its gain trim and a pax output with its volume doutton, back there between a line and a phono input RCA terminal with a password and an output line in CAR as well. Sort by most recent most useful. Otherwise we modify two live parameter. Write a user review.

All user reviews for the Korg Kaoss Pad 2

DJ useful performance sampler. The touch pad is great for live, it’s more fun than the audience see the interaction between movement and music. To go further in the MIDI and advanced it is better to refer to the forums AF among others that manual not really explicit.


Unused Protection film for pad. Which instruments do you use? Sweetwater electronic music artists are even more stoked about the kaossilator S2’s export options, which let you save each recorded layer as a separate layer as its own WAV file or as a complete Able Once done I can then pos my finger on the pad and go over to the right I will echo my more acute and more I’m going to the left is more severe the more I’m going mp2 over the ‘echo will be short.

The KaossPad II or KP2 is a multi-effects processor digital format “box desktop”, a vague parallelepiped metal aluminum? My big disappointment with the KP2 is clear that the switch between modes phono, line and mic would have earned to be more versatile.


For the 2nd version there as big progrsssibilit to have three samples in memory and a slightly better quality throughout W ith the function pad motion can block an effect and release the finger thereby crushing a box or synth rhythm during this time with two hands and then touch up quickly KP2 and continue so on.

I love it so. Fortunately with synth but it’s cool to use the first for which I had bought ie the mix I use it more. A manual that talks a lot but does not say much, unfortunately. And the lack of memory a small memory card would gniale t The loops are easily couraging but can not REALLY be “cumulative” and once the machine color: Also like many Korg products he quickly lost value. It offers a good amount of effects, some tempo-sync via MIDI inwhich can be recalled via buttons and “automated” with “motion sequencer” called “Motion Pad.


I enjoyed myself anyway, is the most important. There can be no cratif effects in a mix. It is possible to apply an effect to the microphone sound. I like the filters and the looper and the small vocoder but all this makes trs toy. The manual lacks some details but still gives the slopes. But ons can be used with a whole bunch of different sources are beginning to see a lot of the little scene. We select an effect and it paved the key: Effects are selected with a knob and ei OVERALL OPINION I have been using AC output I like the philosophy of the machine while it was under the finger As against the eight key points of the program and limit very quickly so we have to select the effects that have been unable to register via the program button 99 effects a go Jet test at that time and the pioneer of EFX airfx of the alesis siel and fall for the jet of kaosspad2 korg She begins to fall so enjoy it in a pure regale I would do if I had a choice to do it again no one brand has yet emerged from effect module as complete and tay for live since kaosspad 2.

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