genus Bolbohamatum: Insects (Insecta) Taxonomy. Bolboceratine scarabs of genera Bolbohamatum Krikken, and Bolbogonium Boucomont, (Coleoptera: Geotrupidae) from central. Bolboceratine scarabs of genera Bolbohamatum Krikken, and Bolbogonium Boucomont, (Coleoptera: Geotrupidae) from central India. Published on.

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Polyphyly in the Geotrupidae Coleoptera: Catalogue of the Palaearctic Coleoptera – 3.

Genus Bolbohamatum

Boucomont proposed Bolbogonium as a subgenus for Bolboceras. Sociologists have argued More information.

rkikken Termitophilous scarabs of the tribe Corythoderini: Existing members of commodity derivatives exchanges More information. Introduction Bolboceratine scarabs in the family Geotrupidae are commonly called Earth-boring dung beetles because adults of most species provision larvae in earthen burrows with dead leaves, cow dung, horse dung, or humus.

Bolbohamatum marginale Krikken, Elytral inter-striae very slightly convex and Bolbohamatum marginale Krikken, Vertex with large Figure 9: Bolbohamatum laterale Bolbohamatum calanus Westwood, Bolboceras calanus Westwood, a: Basal capsule relatively narrow ……………………………………… Punctation on pronotal disc abundant.


Indognorimus and Indotrichiusnew genera for South Asian Trichiini: Glaphyridaewith a list of recorded species of the genera Pygopleurus and Eulasia from Iran. Paramedian tubercles of pronotum closely approximated and separated by less than to inter- ocular distance while lateral tubercles well developed and krikksn situated ……………………………………………………. First antennal club segment on proximal side shiny and glabrous distinctly separated from surrounding pubescent surface.

Bolbohamatum Krikken,

GeotrupidaeZoologische Mededelingen, 54 3: It is the More information. A new Placodidus from Angola Coleoptera: Krikken a,b raised the subgenus Bolbogonium to the genus level and described seven new species, along with producing a key to all ten Asian species.

Photos of representatives Insecta.

Terms of use and publishing policy. Taxonomic reviews of three small cremastochiliform genera from Asia and Africa Coleoptera: Bolbohamatum laterale Westwood [species].

Bolbohamatum meridionale Krikken, 1980

The details of specimens examined, registration number of specimens, distribution inside and outside India, main diagnostic characters, description, illustration of external male genitalia, and identification key to the species level within the genus Bolbohamatum are provided.


Studies Krikien Suriname Annales of the Entomological Society of America, 3: A new click beetle genus from the Chilean Central Andes: Two new species from Kenya in the physogastric termitophilous genus Termitoderus Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Aphodiinae.

Lenin and 50 years from the date of origin of Kazakhstan: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Eubolbitini Nikolajev, b, Building knowledge base on Population Ageing in India Working paper: Department of Zoology More information.

New genera of New World Cremastocheilini, with revisional notes Coleoptera: Pronotum with closely approximated paramedian tubercles and lateral protrusion not shifted to antero-lateral corner.

Scarabaeus cyclops Olivier, Krikkej revision of the Aphthona gracilis. For immediate release Press Release No. Journal of Natural History Geotrupidae Latreille, Subfamily: