Source, ? Label: Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (Landesforstgesetz. 11 Magazines from found on – Read for FREE. Forest Law (Landeswaldgesetz/Landesforstgesetz, LFoG), including forest master . Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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Increased quality approaching the level of quality-controlled material with an almost even grading curve usually permits a reduction in the necessary course thickness, but results in increased costs.

OJ C 23, Landeshaushaltsordnung LHO vom Special consideration should thereby be given to humidity conditions, the growth of vegetation and possible resulting delays in the progress of construction work.

In conformity with Article 6 of the Regulation. It is often possible to construct roads with natural materials brought from only a short distance. A maximum of 8 percent is desirable. Because of their tendency to generate a strong microclimate in the vicinity of the forest floor, dark materials intensify the barrier effect for small animals. Employment of recycled building materials and industrial by-products is only viable for environmentally compatible forestry road construction if at least the same material compatibility standards are applied as for public highway construction under current laws and subsequent regulations.

For the design of the cross-section, and particularly for lateral run-off of water, it is important that the subgrade and base course are prepared with a camber and not as a flat surface. Expand all Collapse all. The intensity of utilization reaches a particularly high level in recreational areas and conurbation. Transport of materials over long distances causes substantial environmental problems. A disproportionately long hauling distance for mineral construction material should swing the decision, for example, in favour of a local, environmentally compatible and quality-controlled, recycled construction material, or alternatively, limited local excavation of materials in the form of a small-scale quarry for road construction purposes.

Each new road construction project should be re-examined with a view to abandoning it in favour of other technical landesforsttesetz.

On the other hand, forest roads have become increasingly landesforstggesetz with the general public for recreational purposes. Felling, skidding, trading and forwarding companies.

Forests in Nordrhein-Westfalen Twenty-six percent or ha of the surface is covered by forests, that means an average of m 2 of forest per inhabitant the Federal average is 1 m 2. Authors of the research: Storage areas should have a capacity of at least a half truckload of timber. The horizontal alignment in the site plan should be as close as possible to the course of the centre line.


Possible subsidies should also be oriented toward this.

Although, or even because, they have been intensively cultivated and used. In the long-term, the so-called watch-glass arc or grader sections with varying transverse slopes, increasing gradually to percent at the perimeter, and side ditches lend themselves to low-cost motor grader maintenance with minimal ecological disturbance.

EUR-Lex – XC(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

Would you like to keep them? Mineral material can be obtained inexpensively as pre-screened material. Centre-line and contour-sensitive alignments are preferable to “streamlined” construction.

This automatically rules out the employment of residual materials that landesforrstgesetz not been processed under stringent conditions of quality control. In accordance with Article 4 2 – 6 and Article 5 b of Reg.

Forstamtsgrenzen karten-layer

The basis for this is provided by the map of water table formations in NRW and the regional soil maps as referred to in the notes on the ordinance.

Landesforstgeswtz pressure on forests for recreational activities also results in increased involvement of the general public and demands for a forestry access road network able to handle these multiple uses.

They perform today an ecological balancing function, ensuring effective protection of water, soil, climate and species to a far lanvesforstgesetz extent than any other type of land use.

Besides this, there is still a need for access roads in the smallest categories of private woodland, whereby it appears expedient to combine several small woodland ownership into one development unit usually according to topographical criteria. Use the Advanced search. Curves should have a minimum radius of 20 m. The upbrow should be within as small a width as possible as a rule on the uphill side 1 m wider than the road with embankment, on the valley side approximately road and embankment width.

Way History: | OpenStreetMap

Duration of scheme or individual aid award. Languages, formats and link to OJ. This should be borne in mind particularly in areas with pronounced amphibian migration.


In exceptional cases gradients of up to 12 percent are acceptable for short distances, landefsorstgesetz this permits substantial savings in the overall segment length. New road construction should be avoided altogether in “specially protected biotopes” and sensitive woodland areas. However, the fact that in many cases these roads play a significant landesforstgesftz in enabling public access for landesforstgesezt recreational usage must also be taken into account.

The Commission will be informed of any such changes. Aid to the steel, synthetic fibres, motor vehicle and shipbuilding industries. In this way a minimum planning standard will be assured. Although the Land is an economic and cultural centre for lnadesforstgesetz Europe, 80 percent of it consists of open cultivated land from the lowland plain to the foothills of the mountains, with fields and meadows, forests, rivers and lakes. More precise planning documents, such as earth mass calculations, lanedsforstgesetz only required by the forest authorities in special instances, e.

Annual expenditure planned or overall amount of individual aid granted to the company. At the basic level of forest administration there are 35 forest offices, responsible landesforstgeeetz forests of all ownership categories within a given district Figure 1.

The following are excluded: Difficult topographical conditions steep slopes, wet areas or complicated ownership patterns often rule out a meaningful stipulation of this figure, which in any case makes no qualitative statement nor an indication of the need for additional access roads. As a consequence, the objective of environmentally compatible and ecologically sound forest development should be striven for recognizing and ranking the conflict of interests between forestry on the one hand and nature conservancy and ecology on the other.

In the course of, and as a consequence of, the recent amendment to the State Forestry Act, this prompted the lawmakers to extend their field of vision to the need for regulations and action in the sphere of forest road construction.