Come to Larry Niven’s Universe and meet all the natives: Thrints, Bandersnatchi, Puppeteers — and a host of other wonderfully created characters. Larry Niven – Neutron Star – (Short Story Collection) Niven, Larry – Neutron Star (SS Coll) Niven, Larry – Tales of Known Space – Neutron Star (b). What’s more, Larry Niven made it big and won a Hugo with his excellent story, “ Neutron Star.” The only trouble with the victory was that when I read his story I.

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In fact his whole body of fiction is so cool-looking that I am surprised how none of his adventures made it to the big screen yet. Interview with John C. The lrry tidal pull of the neutron star is trying to force the ends of the ship and Shaeffer himself into two separate orbits.

Well I could not resist not realising what I was letting myself in for. The Wunder War It is thus the only warship ever constructed by the cowardly and paranoid alien race — a prize beyond value neutrno a perfect means of escape. Larry Niven has a great imagination and he is a really nice person.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In dit verhaal gaan Sonya en Peter Lasking in op onderzoek naar de enige bekende neutronen ster BVS-1 ontdekt in sttar komen op mysterieuze wijze om het leven. I just enjoy these stories in which there seems to be a deep understanding of physics. His science-fiction is so realistic, it’s disturbing at times. Larry Niven “Neutron Star” Artwork copyright: Niven sure has a wild imagination.

There are second order terms; these are the ones you’ll find in the Einstein tensor on the left-hand side of the general relativity equation. To ask other readers questions about Neutron Starplease parry up. Eventually, of course, I met Larry Niven, a remarkably quiet fellow, who dresses most neatly and conservatively, has a cleanshaven square countenance, a larryy voice, and a penchant for speculating on the sex life of Superman.

The latter is a bit outdated in places, but overall the collection stands up amazingly well.


Neutron Star (short story) – Wikipedia

Return to Book Page. But then an archaeology team accidentally activates a terrible weapon Each story nneutron on it’s own as character studies, political and social commentary, scientific exploration and adventure. I had never read anything by Niven but had naturally heard a lot about his work.

The nose of the ship is pulled towards the neutron star even when he tries to move the ship to view his surroundings. Ontdekt in door het Wetenschappelijke Instituut van Jinx.

He nearly gets ripped apart by the tidal forces. The Greenwood encyclopedia of science fiction and fantasy: Visuals and a solid science backing are always supplemented with a lively plot and constant flow of ideas. Clearly a “thought-experiment” story, it competes with the best of Hal Clement, Robert L.

And while this collection obviously lacks the long-lined story arc of a novel-length work, readers who are looking for compelling sci-fi mostly unadulterated by fantastic elements will find this a rewarding read. It’s just about all you could ask for in a hardcore SF adventure.

Oarry is Science Fiction. Anyway this is a series of interconnected stories – if you accept the connec I remember reading this years ago when I was first exploring science fiction – the artwork by Peter Jones – the doorway in to Known Space even today still appeals to me.

The collection is not without its faults. This is a nicely rounded set of stories.

A collection of early short stories by Larry Niven that take place in his “Known Space” universe i. We maken kennis met de Kzin en de Poppenspelers. One of the great things is, that even though these stories were published in the ‘s you really can’t tell. Meestal ligt hij overhoop met zijn tweekoppige poppenbazen, het curieuze ras dat liever laf dan dood is en dat hem fabelachtige geldsommen beloofd om onuitvoerbare opdrachten uit te voeren.

Larry Niven – Neutron Star – (Short Story Collection)

And this reliance on dialogue bugs me because it appears to break the physical laws of long-distance communication, which Niven strictly keeps to in his other stories. It just makes me want more.

Hugo Award for Best Short Story Great book of short stories, which I usually don’t care neutton.

larrh At the Moment Niven is one of my favourite authors as his books tie together interesting ideas about the future and the universe and on the other hand the stories are really interesting and easy to read. This reveal is handled beautifully, with great pacing and characterization. The Puppeteers want to determine why two previous researchers, Peter and Sonya Laskinwere killed during the previous attempt on a similar mission.


Science and Science Fiction: Neutron Star by Larry Niven

Lovecraft “At the Mountains of Madness” and other masterpieces of terror including original illustrations. The nfutron is axial. Projects Diamonds in the Sky Launchpad Astronomy Workshop Living in Brazil Spider Star The human colony on the planet Argo has long explored and exploited the technology left behind by an extinct alien race. I particularly enjoyed the Shaeffer stories for the character’s voice told first-person I first read this quite some years ago and was blown away by it. Or, in everyday language, if you’re in free fall you don’t experience a gravitational force.

He has the Puppeteers construct what he dubs the Skydiver to his precise specifications, supposedly to ensure he survives to return with the relevant data. Books by Larry Niven. It provides both a nice showcase on practical evolution in a sci-fi setting, and a metaphor for the inevitable triumph of entropy over all else.

Zij zijn bij lange na niet de vreemdste wezens in Larry Nivens Bekende Heelal, dat wordt bevolkt door rare beesten en intelligente wezens zoals de Grogs, de Kzinti en de reeds lang uitgestorven Tnuctipun, die her en der in de kosmos hun knapste vindingen hebben verborgen.

Have fun, and delve into our extensive ratings and reviews! Again, please feel free to leave your own review or comment under every writer’s entry; also recommend nicen other stories you liked. You are commenting using your Facebook account. These are the tales that introduce us to Known Space.