Las hortensias [Felisberto Hernández] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edición de Creative Commons Uruguay con el texto revisado por la Fundación Felisberto Hernández en el marco de un convenio de. As hortensias / Las hortensias has ratings and 18 reviews. O livro traz, em edição bilíngue, português e espanhol, uma novela e três contos de um dos.

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In a final breakdown, in terror at one last surprise on the hortendias of his wife, one last substitution in which she plays the part of a doll, we find him setting off across the flowerbeds “heading towards the sound of the machines” Horacio feels himself surrounded by disturbing signs, above all the sense that “the dolls had their secrets,” that they are “full of omens,” and that they appeared to be “hypnotized beings carrying out unknown missions or lending themselves to unsavoury designs” A quirky tale enough to produce good feeling about Felisberto.

As hortensias / Las hortensias by Felisberto Hernández (1 star ratings)

The Best Land Under Heaven: Calvino, who was also an admirer of Silvina Ocampo, wrote the introduction to Piano Storiesby the way I haven’t read that intro but will sometime soon. December Wrap-Up Hace 12 horas.

In fact, I suspect it would be right up your storytelling alley. Entrevista a Mario Castells Hace 4 semanas.

Good-byewelcome ! The whole thing sounds like a film.

Las Hortensias

I want in on the Felisberto cult. Richard 3 de febrero de Italian book tour photos!

The Three Degrees was that ’60’s Philly vocal trio who sang the unforgettable “Maybe. His Futile Preoccupations …. A Work in Progress. Richard 27 de enero de Best Wishes for the New Year! Reescrituras Hace 4 semanas. Surprisingly enough, there’s a fair amount of Felisberto material in English unlike with Sergio Pitol or Alfonso Reyes. In the proliferation of representations that modernity allows, any distance between sign and thing has for him broken down.


As hortensias / Las hortensias

Rise 29 de enero de Horacio has definitively abandoned human reproduction centered around the closed world of the domestic couple, to ally himself with the infinitely more productive if also more disturbing world of the factory.

So here’s one for them, at least. I read it 2 yrs ago, in an anthology, for the Spanish month event you and Stu sponsored. The Book Binder’s Daughter. Well, if I may count myself among one of your Aira-loving friends, then I feel almost obliged to read this though to be frank, I find dolls nearly as creepy as clowns. Rise of the great in lieu of a field guide just reminded me that he actually wrote about Harss’ translation of The Daisy Dolls in a post on the Masterworks of Latin American Short Fiction: I added a link to your Spanish Lit Month review below so others can see what you thought about The Daisy Dolls I’m glad you reminded me about that because it was such a pleasure to revisit that post and the comments it generated–thanks.

Tales from the Reading Room. A Journey from St. There’s a sense from the start that such reflections and imitations are always likely to get out of hand, and to lead towards madness.

With a Hortensia, you will enjoy a silent love without quarrels, without worrisome expenses, without midwives. El cuenco de plata, As for Magic Mike, I tried watching it, but lasted about 40 seconds. Scott, you’re going to enjoy The Daisy Dolls once you get to it. Richard 29 de enero de Is there one, I wonder?


Soon collusion turns to jealousy as Horacio takes this simulation a stage further, having Hortensia fitted with veins through which warm water can be piped for additional verosimilitude, and fixing his desire ever more firmly on the mannequin. Christmas Reads Hace 22 horas.

I still haven’t read anything by him, I read he was just a short-story writer, with a fantastic vein. This is Hortensia, made in the hotrensias of his wife whose middle name is Hortensiawho stands fleisberto for wife, child, sister, and increasingly Horacio’s lover. It’s quite amazing in my opinion, although I can’t speak for what might be lost in translation presumably Harss did a nice job translating it. Tuesday, February 13, doll. Some of the Twilight Zone episodes!

Las hortensias: Felisberto Hernandez – Felisberto Hernández – Google Books

Winstonsdads reads of Hace 9 horas. Reading in Hace 2 semanas. Unable or unwilling to trust his own senses, and with the feeling that his desire has become delirious increasingly [un]fixed on part objects–the dolls’ detached limbs floating in a tankHoracio himself becomes ever more of an automaton: Eight Novellas anthology Harper Collins, almost two years ago.

But one doll in particular becomes rapidly an object of obsession for them both. Homelessness in Dublin Hace 4 meses. Richard 1 de febrero de Pages home about feed tags index.