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Daaras are madrassas or quranic schools.

They often send money back to the brotherhood leaders in Touba. Retrieved May 25, from “Archived copy”. Cultural Dimensions of globalization Ordinary followers donate part of their income to the Mouridiya.

In contrast to a vision of masses mouriidisme manipulated by a religious elite, the ties of talibes to their marabouts are frequently far more contingent and tenuous than assumed. Moutidisme discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. Their influence over everyday life can be seen throughout Senegal. Common religious affiliation has played a role in defusing the potential for tensions that arise from other social cleavages. Even taxi and bus drivers fill their vehicles with stickers, paintings and photos of the marabouts of their particular brotherhoods.

Sunni schools of law. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources moiridisme unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Government agencies have made attempts to help the marabout become more efficient in groundnut production, such as providing incentives for the workers to slow down their production.

The caliph leader of the Mouride brotherhood is known as the Grand Marabout and has his seat in Touba. Ahmadou Bamba is known to have said “If it’s not in the Qur’an or Hadith, it’s not from me”. Bamba, who had converted various kings and their followers, could probably have raised an army against the French had he wanted. After World War Ithe Mouride brotherhood was allowed to grow and in Bamba began work on the great mosque at Touba where he would be buried one year later.


Bythe French realized that Bamba was not waging war against them and was in fact quite cooperative.

The Grand Marabout is a direct descendant of Amadou Bamba himself and is considered the spiritual leader of all Mourides. Most of mouridimse cities with a large Senegalese immigrant population have a Keur Serigne Touba Residence of the Master of Toubaa seat for the community which accommodates meetings and prayers while also being used as a provisional residence for newcomers.

Religious intineraries are constructed along these economic routes and vice-versa. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Baay Faalmany of whom substitute hard labor and dedication to their marabout for the usual Muslim pieties like salah and sawm. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. Through migration, Senegalese Mourides have managed to effectuate a metamorphosis in the relation between work and prayer centered around one of their founding myths.

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L summary, a Mouride aspires to achieve Islam by following the basic recommendations of Shariat. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat For example, on the ship to Gabon, forbidden from praying, Bamba is said to have broken his leg-irons, leapt overboard into the ocean, and prayed on a prayer rug that miraculously appeared on the surface of the water.

The Senegalese have a mystical aspect to Islam, much like other Sufism brotherhoods. Many Mourides consider the city ke Touba as equally or even more important than Mecca. The economic-religious ethos and transnationalism among Senegalese Mouride Migrants.

However, French rule still discouraged the development of local industry, preferring to force the exchange of raw materials for European finished goods, and a large number of taxation measures were instituted. These boys receive Islamic training and are instilled with the doctrine of hard work.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bamba’s followers call him a mujaddid a “renewer of Islam “.

Les logiques de travail chez les Mourides

The large share of the Mouride’s control over the groundnut production has placed them in the center of the nation’s economy. In a den of hungry lions, miuridisme is said the lions slept beside him. Retrieved from ” https: In a charismatic relationship demonstrations of devotion and abnegation towards the marabouts can only explained because their talibes see them as intercessors or even intermediaries with god.

The marabout-talibe relationship in Senegal is mourjdisme a relationship of personal dependence. As a result, marabouts confront the problem of recruiting and retaining followers. Amadou Bamba finally decided that Fall should show his dedication to God purely through manual labor.

This picture is venerated muridisme reproduced in paintings on walls, buses, taxis, etc. Bamba’s fame spread through his followers, and people joined him to receive the salvation that he promised. Because of their emphasis on work, the Mouride brotherhood is economically well-established in parts of Africa, especially in Senegal and the Gambia. Retrieved 6 November Groundnuts are the third largest export from Senegal after fish and phosphates.

Dahiras are urban associations of Mourridisme either on shared allegiances to a particular marabout or common geographical location, for example, a neighborhood or city-specific dahira. The Mouride brotherhood Wolof: He is perhaps best known for his mouridisem on work, and his disciples are known for their industriousness.

Muslim Rastas in the Promised Land?

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