The United States, unlike much of the world, still relies heavily on paper checks for payments. In order to facilitate internal control and to. This document explain about step by step configuration and processes for SAP Lock Box functionality. This PDF depicts various steps for Lockbox Process Configuration.

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Lockboxs are special depository accounts set up at a bank to which customer remit their invoice payments. Transaction OB56 is used to configure the text that appears on a line item based on the reason code entered.

lockbox configuration

Customer Master Record Settings: Information used on this site is at your own risk. We can only use the pen delivered by SAP. Customer Invoice Posting Post one amount customer invoice. Otherwise maintain them as show below. Lockbox Assignment cnofiguration Customer Master Lockboxes are assigned on customer master records and determine which remit to address is printed on the lockkbox invoices Tolerance Settings When an incoming cash payment does not exactly pay the referenced open item sthe system will create a residual item back on the customer’s account or write-off the difference if tolerance limits are configured.

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Great Job dear friend! October 30, at 4: If file contains checks that cannot be applied against specific invoice but for which customer account is known, SAP posts them on the customer account without reference to any specific invoice. Open link in a new tab. Thanks a lot Gagan. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. But they are not, you can maintain the following.

A common misrepresentation is that one can create own algorithm which is not correct. September 23, at sa; Kind Regards, Prakash Kumar. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

No search term specified. Customer identification is the primary task of the lockbos SAP data processing of each lockbox payment. Click on green execute button. Hi Gagan, Can you please look into this thread and resolve this issue.

Processing statistics in future lockbox remittances will greatly llckbox with repeated use of this option. You just need to follow the three simple steps for download your documents.

December 1, at 5: October 14, at 6: Download all the SAPebooks documents are very easy and safe.

Lock Box configuration | SAP Financial

Field is only applicable for BAI record Num. The lower limit between the amount and percentage applies. Unique key for each lokcbox file is its header record i. It is explained well.


June 24, at October 20, at 2: June 10, at 5: Lockbox file when processed will generate below accounting posting. SAP lockbox utilization results in two primary business benefits: Using algorithmSAP distributes the check across open invoices, beginning at the oldest invoice and working its way forward until the check amount is fully distributed. Hi Gagan, Thanks… Very Informative. October 19, at 6: Dr Bank Clearing account — incoming.

July 29, at 8: You can download your document from the link given in the mail. How do we avoid step 3 and keep the info in sync between the two systems? Customer Master Data Transaction Code: Applicable for batch input session name that updates bank details of master records for customers who have either changed bank information or did not have bank information maintained for them.

Data entry clerks at the bank manually enter the information into an electronic file for transmission to the company in groups of checks called batches. OBA4 This transaction is used to create tolerance groups for users. But if same are found using IBAN, are correct.

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